The CTOverseas with Prof. Dr. med. med. Martin Lacher and other specialists from all over the world were invited to the Children's Hospital No. 1 in St. Petersburg to help the Russian team with difficult interventions. This enabled many children to look forward to a livable future.

A grandmother is taking her granddaughter 1,600 miles to St. Petersburg where the necessary surgical procedure can be performed. The baby showed a double colon and two vaginas, among other malformations. The doctors back in her homecountry Georgia told her: the experts from CTOverseas will come to St. Petersburg - and if anyone is able to help, it´ll be the team around Dr. Levitt (Columbus, Ohio). But the surgeons were not sure if they could schedule the immensely difficult surgery at short notice. But finally, in the last moment the doctors managed to operate this child in an additional operating room. The complex malformation was corrected and the odyssey of grandmother and granddaughter was a happy ending.

Another small success story, not only for CTOverseas, but especially for the parents and the treated children. On behalf of CTOverseas, pediatric surgeons from the Netherlands, England, Israel, USA and also from Germany accompanying Prof. Dr. Lacher flew to St. Petersburg. They performed complicated interventions on children and newborns to cure malformations, tumors or fractures. "The purpose of this is to use the existing medical equipment on site and, parallel to the interventions, show the physicians on site how to master even difficult interventions." Besides of the help on site, the exchange of knowledge is most important. More than 40 surgeons from all over Russia benefited of live operations, that were switched on during procedures. Furthermore there were seminars held by the CTOverseas experts (including anesthetists, surgical nurses and specialized nurses).

What remains is a long-term cooperation between CTOverseas and the St. Petersburg Hospital, fifteen operated young patients, many happy parents, lots of new knowledge in the hands of Russian surgeons - as well as seven bags of stuffed animals brought to the children by doctors from the USA.


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