Das Team der Stiftung Kinderchirurgie

Prof. Dr. med. Martin Lacher

Initiator of the Pediatric Surgery Foundation, specialist in pediatric surgery, specialist in general surgery, clinic director of the clinic and polyclinic for pediatric surgery at the University Hospital Leipzig

"Many congenital malformations are incompatible with life or a good quality of life. Therefore, as a pediatric surgeon, it is a special privilege for me to be able to transact decisive corrective operations and to enable children with such diseases to live a largely normal life. The fascination and joy that one feels when a surgery ist successful does not diminish over the years. Rather, the obsession with getting better and better continues to grow. “Helping a child doesn't change the whole world, but the whole world changes for that one child.""


Senior physician, specialist in pediatric surgery

"Words enough have been exchanged, let me at last see some action." Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Faust I

Arthur Günther

Federal volunteer

"In Germany we have very good medical care. However, this is not the case in all countries. The Pediatric Surgery Foundation therefore has set itself the task of operating on newborns and children in medically underdeveloped countries. Even if I'm not a doctor myself, I would still like to do my part to make the Pediatric Surgery Foundation better known and thus to help children."

Dr. med. Moritz Markel

specialist in visceral surgery

"As a Central European of my generation you have every privilege in terms of quality of life, education and access to medical infrastructure. With regard to the latter, there are considerable differences and injustices around the world. The special requirements of pediatric surgical care represent a particularly difficult challenge for developing and emerging countries. For me, my commitment to the Pediatric Surgery Foundation is an opportunity to make a small contribution to improving this situation."

PD Dr. med. Steffi Mayer

Senior doctor, specialist in pediatric surgery

"As pediatric surgeons, we help newborns and children every day. We can usually give them a carefree and livable future through an operation. We also see how much the whole family suffers when one's own child is seriously ill or malformed and how good it is to receive competent help. In many countries, however, there is a lack of specialist knowledge, equipment and money, so that these children have to live with severe limitations or even die. I am committed to the Pediatric Surgery Foundation to provide medical help to children for whom there is otherwise little help."


In-training pediatric surgeon

"It has been my wish to work in humanitarian medicine for a long time. For me this was i.a. one of the reasons to work in pediatric surgery. With the Pediatric Surgery Foundation, we have the opportunity to provide sustainable help in structurally weaker regions, on the one hand, by (co) operating on children and, on the other, by strengthening and improving local structures. For me, Albert Schweizer is a great role model in medical history and beyond - I'm sure he would have liked the work of the Pediatric Surgery Foundation."

Dr. med. Peter Zimmermann

​Senior physician, specialist in pediatric surgery, specialist in surgery and special trauma surgery, specialist in orthopedics and trauma surgery

"The need for pediatric surgery in Ethiopia is extremely high. In particular, newborns and toddlers who need an operation are usually not treated at all or treated inappropriately. For me it is a great pleasure to be involved in setting up a children's surgery in Hawassa and thus to directly improve the medical care of many children and enable them to have a better life."